Monday, October 5, 2009


Friday night we packed up our crap and headed out to Tomoka State Park for a camping weekend. Its only an hour away, not exactly a grand adventure, but easy to get to and a really nice spot. We were there last November with the crew. I really wanted to go to Anastasia State Park, but they were booked up. They're ALWAYS booked up on the weekends - so it must be a pretty damn cool place.

So we got to Tomoka, found our spot and Matt told me that I could film him putting the tent up in the dark so I could post it on here with pictures and stuff. Except we forgot our camera bag with all the cameras in it. So I'm glad Broken Barn requested a campsite doodle - since we don't have a picture of it.
Matt got the tent pitched, we unloaded all of our stuff, and cracked open beers, threw on some tunes and talked until about 3:30 in the a.m. We drunk dialed my friend Jimmie, who lives in Colorado. After an hour of chatting he says, "OK, I'm gonna go back to bed"....
The next morning we woke up and realized we forgot the kettle to make coffee and I didn't have my water thermos (the tap water smelled like fart), so we went on a run and got that and more beer and ice (essentials). And a couple of chairs that have ottoman things on them. They proved to be quite challenging to adjust....for me anyway. Cuz I'm adjustment challenged.
After our stuff run, we got back to the campsite and celebrated our stuff run with a couple of shots of Jager. Most things get celebrated with Jager in our family of two. "Hey, Matt!! We're back!! SHOT!!" or "Hey, Karen!! I pitched the tent!! SHOT!!" It's quite the reward.
After an hour or so of chillin' - which was me doing my word searches and Matt reading - Brian (my trainer) and his wife, Erika, showed up with their brand new camping gear to break in. We talked for a while, went and walked a short way to the river, then everyone complained about how hot it was and we went back to the site to be still and sweat less. We played an awesome round of catch with the football while Matt napped. When he woke up, more beer was cracked open and the first rumblings of starting the campground fire began. It only took us about 10 mins to really get a good one going, so we danced around it yelling like Tom Hanks in Cast Away (no, not really). After the sun went down, I broke out the glow stick bracelets, and hot dogs. The hot dogs we got from Costco are like 1/4lb. and almost a foot long. They were damn tasty. We finished the Jager and broke out the tequila. Woof. One of mine didn't even make it down (which happens to me with tequila from time to time). Tequila and my gag reflex just don't get along too well. Anyway, I had another one after that one to make up for it. That one stayed.
We were all sitting around by the fire being loud and rowdy and all of a sudden these hairy dudes came wandering out of the woods with beer and sat down and joined us. I don't remember talking to them much but Matt because fast friends, as he's known to do with random folks. I remember looking for the remote for my tunes and eating another hotdog sans bun. Oh. Yeah. 1/2lb of hotdog. Glorious. I also just barely remember one of the neighbors in the site next to us coming over and doing something to our fire to turn the flame blue. It was the coolest thing ever.
Then I remember waking up.
So Matt and Erika filled us in on some more details the next morning. I won't regale you with those. I figure the really good stuff, you just had to be there for and I never throw my own under the bus when it comes to drinkin' and doing stupid stuff. Sometimes you just gotta have some class and keep it in the vault.
Matt did say that at one point he noticed this 12 yr old kid sitting next to him (from the site on the other side of us) and made a joke about chatting with this 12 yr old girl and the "girl" said, "I'M a BOOOOY!!"
In the morning, after we were all up and awake and laughing about stuff we couldn't remember, we had some coffee and started whining about having to break it down and pack up.
Leaving after a kickass weekend is always so depressing.
Although, the shower I had when we got home was The Best Shower EVER. Damn dirty hippie.
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