Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Man Vs Food

I gotta post this cuz its crackin' me up and I have to share.

So, a buddy o'mine, Matt Kelland, just posted this on facebook:

Oops. I have put on 33lb in the last 61 days since arriving in Florida. That's more than half a pound a day. I think it's time for salad. But damn, it all tasted so GOOD! (Except the Steak'n'Shake. That was vile.)

And there were some boring responses along with:

Tom Kelly: ah - where you're going wrong is you're not watching enough fox news. Get on an exercise bike in front of fox and you'll be so pumped from the stupidity of it all that you don't notice you're burning 700 cal/hour...

ps. it's those half gallon tubs of ice cream for $3 that got me onto the machines in the first place.

So, I replied:

"Tom, you're so right - that's what my husband does every morning (cardio to fox news)!!"

And back on my homepage, I got a post from The Onion that said:

The Onion BREAKING: Fat Piece Of Shit Spotted In Mirror

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