Saturday, October 22, 2011

Suckit - American Horror Story's what I gotta say/think about episode 3:
[begin stream]

Tara's mom (from TrueBlood) is a pretty damn good actress.
Bobby keeps waking up outside.  Uh oh.

When he gotta drink.

Daughter is a punk. (of course)

Viv reminds me of my mother's boss, Gloria.

I think everyone's dead except Viv.
Viv is the one on drugs and was walkin' around with the knife at the very beginning.
Since she's crazy, she sees everyone as ghosts. (that's my theory, turds)

And all the ghost men see Moira the Maid as a hot young POA.

And Hayden's dead too...that's why Bobby still sees her and the whole "eating for two"....
She died while "having the procedure done" or did she really come back to see him without getting it done?
and now Burnface has taken care of that for Bobby.  So its moot.

And now Moira is stuck here forever under the gazebo that Bobby built.

Man....this show is difficult.
And I love it.

And why do we know whatsherface has been shot in the head?
We haven't seen how she died....we only know that she did.


[end stream]
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