Monday, October 3, 2011

Movie Monday - Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Some college kids go on a camping trip in the hills of W. Virginia.
Tucker & Dale go to their vacation home they just bought and are fixing up.  The vacation home is a cabin that looks just like the Evil Dead cabin in the woods.
They go out night fishing and see the college kids out for a swim.  A hot blonde gets startled when she sees them, falls into the water, & knocks herself out.  Dale goes in to rescue her but to her stupid college friends, it appears that Tucker & Dale are kidnapping her so they go insane trying to get her back.
Awwwwww rednecks in the woods are just misunderstood.
Once the hot blonde comes to, Dale makes her breakfast & then she & Dale play Trivial Pursuit.  (Dale is absolutely adorable.)
Meanwhile, Tucker's outside working on his property and the stupid college kids start accidentally killing themselves all over the place.
Its friggin' hilarious & a great spin on a classic horror theme.
I give it 4 out of 5 backwoods rednecks.

ps.  I love everything Magnet puts out.  heh.  puts out.
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