Thursday, October 6, 2011

TT - American Horror Story

We dvr'd it and are just sittin' down to watch it.

I like how many times they say "shit".
And strong opening.
BEST opening credits since True Blood.

Apparently, the "mongoloid" tends to spit in the cooking.

Evil is always in the attic.

Bobby's a douchebag psychiatrist who got busted "pile driving" one of his students.
So the family moves into some big old house with a past & weird wall paintings.
Y' a "new start" or "2nd chance".

6ft Under mom is a creepy maid.

Bobby sees her as a hot young poa.

Bobby's client is a skull faced kid who imagines he's some great serial killer who puts the moves on Bobby's high school daughter who cuts herself so she can feel.

Bobby also gets naked.
I ain't mad at that.
He also hatebates in the window.
HAHA...he's cryin' again.*


The piano string noises are effective, the Weasley twins are creepy, Jessica Lange is awesome & bitchy, Adelaide is adorable....

Bobby's wife gets banged by some rubberdude while Bobby is playin' with the stove.
Bobby's kid client and daughter scheme to bring justice to the school bitch bully....that was some fun crazy shit.  Lots of screaming, flashes of bloody teeth, and the bitch bully gets scratched up in her FACE.
Now there's some burn dude and the make up is amazing and he's tellin' his arson story.

Holy crap that was fun.
I'm in it for the season, fo'sho.
*Matt used to watch The Practice and McDermott's character, Bobby, cried in almost every episode.  I didn't like that show.
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