Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WTH Weds - Bridget Bentley

I've had the same cell phone number for the past 10 yrs.
For the first few years, I'd get calls all the time for people looking for Bridget Bentley.
Creditors, her grandmother once, and they'd all leave me messages for her.  Even though my outgoing message said, "This is Karen".
After a while the frequency trickled off and eventually quit, but recently, the calls have started back up again.

About 5 mins ago, a call came through from a 954 area code.  Not recognizing it & being on a dayjob concall, I let it go to voice mail.

Turns out ol' Bridget Bentley is single and inquiring with Its Just Lunch dating service.
A quick search tells me that Bridget is around 40 and has lived in both Orlando and a few south FL cities in the past.

Between these phone calls and the internet search, I'm curious about this person who's been sharing my phone number.
I wonder if she'll ever see this.
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