Monday, October 17, 2011

MM - American Horror Story 2

Finally was able to watch AHS Episode 2.  Ready?
[begin stream]

YAY a Laugh-in clip!!  I love that show.
Don't answer your door.  You know you'll die.
Was that Hitchcock music?
Awww nurse got hog-tied & stabbed in the back.
Is Bobby gonna cry in this episode?  ooooo I hope so.
Tate's a badass.  (I'm gonna try harder to remember names)*.
And wifey's preggers with a rubberbaby.

They're my favorite part.

Scratchface is in disguise & has white hairs.
I wonder if they'll play Mirah for all the daughter scenes.
James Wong is one of the producers.  I hadn't noticed that before.
I love that the neighbors are always finding their way into the house.
Glad our neighbors aren't like that.
But not that bad.

I like the elevator chick.  She's groovy.
Bianca the half girl.
Bobby's tryin' to get rid of Tate.
I love the ipecac cupcakes.

BOBBY'S CRYIN' AGAIN!!!  w00t!!!
Cuz he's lyin' about goin' outta town.  What a weenie.

Wait...did she say "Aunt Viv"??  Bobby's knocked up his niece?!
I'm confused.

Constance rules.

OOOOOOooooooh...groovy Bianca is a ghosthunter freak with friends.
Uh oh - shit's crazy when Tate's the one saving you.
HAHA...she's eating the ipecac cupcake.
Constance, you old cougar, you.
Addy's a cockblocker & has a bad girl room of mirrors.
That's not nice.

Bianca's about to lose half of herself.

Yay...ghosts takin' care of their peoples.
"I'll get the shovel.  You get the bleach." is such a great line.
Psssshhh...selling the house.  Riiiiiiight.

[end stream]
*Except Bobby's.  He will always be Bobby.
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