Thursday, October 13, 2011

TT - This Would Be About American Horror Story But...

My Halloween contacts came in yesterday, so I wore them last night to break 'em in.  They look like this.

We went to Enzian for the Nightmare On Elm St. "pitcher" show.
Chad, Chrystal, & Willie (n00b) were there and we had pitcherS & made a big mess with popcorn (sorry, enzian.  the critters will eat it).
Freddy was there, too, and watched himself.

It was super fun and we got home late and crashed.
Then this a.m., I was trying to remember when American Horror Story was on and thought it was tonight, but then Matt said it was on last night and we looked on the DVR but there was NO AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!
So now I gotta wait til it shows up on the FX ondemand channel.
This morning it wasn't there yet.  If it shows up later, we'll talk again then.
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