Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suckit Saturday - Boston Highlights Pt. 2

Saturday marnin' we slept in cuz those damn Marriott beds are so friggin' comfy.
Then headed to the Pour House for breakfast beers.
I ate a cheesesteak omelette with sweet potato tots and dark rye toast.
Beer was Pumpkin UFO and pretty damn tasty.  Highlighted more of the spice part of pumpkin spice.
Was quite tasty.
We left a sticker here too.

Afterwards, we wandered over to Newbury Comics.
On the way over, we saw a guy on the street playing a hurdy gurdy.  His dog was chillin' with him.  We gave him a buck.
Sitting next to him was an older guy just sitting there with a paper bag on his head and his change cup out.
Look, if you want me to give you a dollar, you better be doin' some cool shit to earn it.  I'm not going to give it to you just for looking pitiful and needy.
If a dude is playin' some wicked badass instrument, or is telling funny jokes, or is busting some sweetass moves.....he'll get my dollar.
If you're just sitting in a chair (regardless of if it has wheels or not) & you just expect me to throw something in your cup because you have a paperbag hat.....
Sorry, man.

Once we got to Newbury Comics, I tried on stupid glasses:

Matthew bought some accessories (hat & glasses) to help him blend in with the locals.

I bought a bowler and nerd glasses.

Then we wandered over to Fenway to see if the sticker we put there the night before had lasted 24hrs.

Which was quickly followed by a trip to Lansdowne to drown our sorrows with some brews and pub chips with this badass blue cheese sauce/dip stuff.  It was pretty fuckin' good.
Bova met us down there & we headed over to The Bodega.
The front room looks like a shitty bodega with interesting knick-knacks, drinks, & snacks available for late night drunken purchases.  But then you step on a tile in front of that drink machine and a door opens into this pretty ass showroom for designer sneakers, watches, and a selection of outerwear.
After poking around in there, we wandered into a nearby halloween store where we tried on masks, I fondled a giant glittery stuffed penis, & Bova was asked if he was a member of the aryan race because of the t-shirt he was wearing.

We left and headed towards Solas for clubs, cubans, beers, & people watching.

Wrapped up there and stopped into a cigar bar for some dranks and smokes.  Had some nice chats and our waitress showed us her shoes that she bought at Marshalls.
We hung out there for a bit and then wandered back down to McGreevy's for a beer before calling it a night, said our goodbyes, and going back to the hotel room.

When we got back to the hotel room, the Michigan/Notre Dame game was still on and was still close enough to be pretty damn exciting, so we decided to grab a night cap (shot of jager) down at the sports bar before really calling it a night.

The next marnin', we enjoyed a breakfast buffet where Matthew caught a ciabatta roll on fire, we spied on a guy who looked like a mightymightybosstone, and remembered that it was September 11th.
At the airport, we grabbed a spot at the skyclub for an hour or so, left the skyclub, grabbed a beer & a lobster roll at the Harpoon joint by the gate, boarded the plane......

Sat on the plane for an hour without it moving.

Got off the plane and went back to the Harpoon joint to grab another brew and got to chatting with some nice folks from Michigan who were also delayed.  We talked about beer and rugby.
Then it was finally time to get back on the plane and were able to leave without any more delays.

The End.
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