Thursday, September 8, 2011

TT - 3rd Class Review

Last night, teacher Sally's husband, Tom Sadler, came in and gave us an oil demo for underpainting (similar to what I'd posted last week, so you and I are already up on things.  you're welcome).  He spent the first hour going through that and also did an acrylics demo.

Show off.

You can see Cupiedoll lady over there on the left.  She only got on Tom's nerves once.  And I must say her painting looks pretty damn good.  She's SUPER impatient & likes to skip ahead.

Here's what my "October Barf" painting looks like after class #3.  I'm happy with how the sky turned out.  I added back some of my darker tones and fixed my greens.

In class, we added sky and went back over the greens and played with the mucky water and stuff.  Sally sounded pretty unhappy with how we left things after last week's class.  Everyone's wipeouts were a mess and she's just as frustrated with this demo painting as we are and a lot of us are ready to move on.  We'll spend another 30mins on this one to wrap shit up next week and then get started on a VanGogh.  I might finish this one off at home before class.

In other news, after last week's class, I started an underpainting for Snoop face.  Based on this photo:

It looks like this so far:
so sinister
I think I made his nose too long.  Eh, I can fix it in post.
Also, there was a LOT of cussing during this process.
A.  LOT.

In other OTHER news, we leave tomorrow for Boston, so I'm takin' the next few days off and will catch up with you turds on Sunday night or Monday.
Or whenever I feel like it.
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