Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WTH Weds - Boston Highlights Pt. 1

Friday marnin', we hit the skyclub to see what the haps was.  They'd hooked Matt up with at least a day pass and we drank brunch & had snacks.  The rosemary seasalt crackers are pretty badass.
For crackers, I mean.  They were/are the shit.
Matthew's been eating them for days.  Pretty sure he'll come home smellin' like rosemary.
I ain't mad at that.

Anyway, our flight was delayed so we facebooked & crap.
Hopped the flight, grabbed a cab.  He overcharged us to the hotel and we got checked in.
Props to the Marriott Copley.  Great spot.  Nice "sports bar" & breakfast buffet.

Here's what our view looked like from the room:

It was the only photo I took with the canon.
I took the entire camera bag with me, but didn't take the camera out on adventures.  Couldn't be bothered to.  I did get some kickass footage of the Murphys show.

Which was fuckin' AWESOME.
Fenway was cool.  Boston in general is cool.
I told Matthew it was my 2nd favorite city.  He didn't ask me what the 1st was.....he'd assumed it was NYC.
NYC has been bumped to #3, sadly.
Amsterdam being the first.
Boston #2. (haha.....number 2.  that's poo)
Its the combination of smaller town with big city urban feel.
The top 2 feel like big small towns to me.
If that makes sense.
I rarely do.

Anyway, back to the show.
MightyMighty Bosstones were playing when we hopped out the cab from McGreevy's (pregame car bombs).
The stage was set up in centerfield.
It looked like this:

We found an empty row and counted scally caps.
When the Bosstones were done kickin' everyone's ass, we made a pee/beer run.
The bathroom had a long line & smelled like snax while "no smoking" signs were posted about.
My stall didn't have a latch.
Found the friends and grabbed some brews.
Found our empty row again.
There was a bloke who looked slightly like Warren Ellis with a very long ponytail & a hat.
He appeared to not be having a good time.
We included him in on our fun.

Although I don't think he was as amused as we were.
The Murphys came out along the green monster wall with bag pipes playing.
The moon was almost full and a breeze was blowin'.
I gotta admit, I got a little teary eyed.
Shut up, I'm a girl.  I'm allowed to do that.

The stage backdrop was the skeleton pipes player, same as the shoes that Matthew got me.
We jumped & sang along & swayed with beer & threw our fists in the air & yelled....
and it was heavenly.

Afterwards, we walked back to Whiskey's and had some killer $.99 pizza & put a sticker on an armadillo.
The End of Part 1.
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