Thursday, September 1, 2011

TT- 2nd Class Review

Here's our current project:
George Inness
oil on canvas

Did my first wipeout underpainting*, which sucked.  Acrylics dry really fast, did I tell you that?
You know what happens when it dries?  It doesn't wipe off.
So then you're staring at a dark brown streaky rectangular turd, trying to remember what you just got done drawing underneath.
(Noted: I think I need glazing fluid instead of this gel medium. wonder how that would make a difference)
After staring at the rectangular turd for a few minutes, I started to make out some shapes and wiped out what I could and did some shading.
Then we started on some midtones.  Oranges, yellows, greens.
She said mine looked "innocent".......?.........and that I was painting light, would probably need another coat, and showed me the difference between a heavy body paint and the shit I'm currently using.
(Noted: heavy body = more opaque = better coverage)
Cupiedoll lady wasn't as annoying this week after the first hour but did mention her store was having a big labor day weekend sale.  Gotta give her props for hustlin' during class.
I contributed a bottle of chard.  Another girl brought in a red and a white.
I had 2 glasses even though I poured 3.
One of them had to be thrown out because I tried to clean off my brush in it instead of the water jar right next to it.
Next week (week 3 of 6) we finish up this one and start a new one.
Here's what my version of "October" currently looks like:
"October Barf"
acrylic on canvas
*this post gives a really nice rundown of what a wipeout underpainting is, but its done in oil.
with oils, you get 3hrs to mess with it.
with acrylics, you get maybe 10mins.
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