Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WhateverTheHell Wednesday

....or something....

Why is Wednesday being such a bitch for this daily crap thing I'm trying to do?
I had thought it could be a current event day but that seems kinda boring.
Y'all can read/watch the news for that shit.

We got a lot of funny camping footage from last weekend that I'm editing together. That'll probably take another week before it turns into anything though. Didn't realize we'd captured so much.
Being drunk with the camera has a tendency to do that.
And now, since going to lunch & brainstorming, I have a homework project to work on for tomorrow's crap.

So, please peruse this picture of my shadow puppet puppy that I plucked while peeing post-lunch earlier this quite perspiringly parching afternoon.
(That, my friends, is alliteration.)

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