Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie Monday - Insidious

We went to see this flick last weekend but since we were out being damn dirty hippies this weekend, I saved it for today and the first movie Monday blah blah blah.

Being a massive horror fan, I'm always slightly skeptical of the PG-13 flicks that show you all the cool stuff in the trailer and the rest of the movie turns out to be lame.
So, I wasn't really too excited to see it until I'd seen it was getting decent reviews.
A fresh tomato even!!
I didn't know anything about the movie going in and was just hoping it would make us jump a few times.
We walked into the theater and there was a good crowd...more people = more chances of screaming.

First let me say - the opening credits were great!!
Old school black & white haunted house type images with a giant title in creepy font with loud scary screeching violin noises.
Perfect way to set the mood at the beginning.

Without giving away anything - I thought this movie was super fun.
Reminded me of being 11 and watching Poltergeist again with my BFF and we'd hide our faces in pillows and scream during the scary parts.
Lots of good jumps and some creepy ass images.
Like this one which caught me off guard and made me shut my eyes:

Watch out, Nite Owl - he's right behind you!!

Great movie for fun jumps and screams.
Also, a good one for trying out the popcorn trick.
I give this movie 4 out of 5 scary red demon faces.

There were a couple of groaners - (1) the 2 ghost busters that get called in for comic relief were kinda dumb, but still a nice nod to movies like Poltergeist, and (2) The gas mask thing & the dream realm called "The Further" was a tad silly but easy to get over once the demons came out and scared the shit out of you.
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