Thursday, April 21, 2011


You like that?
I changed it.
Cuz this is my blog and I can do that.

Here's a paper I found from my first year over at Valencia Community College in 1997.
What a n00b.

August 28
Diagnostic Assessment

I don't have a lot of writing experience.
I graduated high school in 1996 with English IV Honors, but even in there we didn't do much writing. I've kept a journal for 4 years, if that counts.
I'm not too sure on what I'm expecting from this course. I'd like to improve my writing ability and be more able to put my thoughts on paper.
I've never been told I had any writing strengths.(1) I try to make my writing look good and I proofread to make sure it sounds good. Everyone does that. So, I honestly don't think I have any "strengths" in my writing. Maybe I could find out if I do contain some by taking this course.(2)
As far as writing weaknesses, I could give a whole list of them. It takes me a long time to think of how to start. I have a hard time with transferring what's in my head and putting it on black and white. I also try hard to make my writing sound intelligent, but when I read over it, it doesn't sound as great as I think it should. (3)
(1) Teacher's note: "That's sad!"
(2) Teacher's note: "You most certainly will!!"
(3) Teacher's note: "Perhaps you are too hard on yourself."

She also marked all of my contractions, took out the "But" I'd had in there before "Everyone does that.", and changed "in black and white" to "on black and white".....which I still hate.
No one says, "ON black & white"....duh. I get the point, but it hurts my eyes to read.

I got a +10.

(why can you not flip photobooth pics in iphoto?? dammit.)
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