Friday, April 15, 2011

Snoop Dogg-Doggumentary

Welcome to the first Friday Jams!!
Here's the damn deal.
I pick an album to rock out on a Friday with & my favorite song from that album will be linked to at the beginning so your earholes will be just as entertained as your eyeballs as you keep reading.
Consider it interactively multitasking.
You're welcome.
When I post one of your favorite albums - post your favorite song from that album/artist in the comments.
Cuz sharin' is karen and in a year we'll all have a badass playlist that we all contributed to.
Shut up, it'll be fun.

Now that all that crap is out of the way....

I can't stop bobbin' my head to this damn album lately.*
Which is perfect because of last summer's addiction to old Snoop & Dre while sitting around the pool or going to the beach.
Now there's more to add to that for this summer.
And this new one flows really nice with the old stuff.*
Plus, there's Willie Nelson AND Bootsy Collins and there is no possible way on this greenish,blueish,brownishEARF that you can keep from smiling when you hear Boosty say in his Bootsy way "baby" or "mama" which usually sounds like it starts with "b".

Its fuckin' Friday, baby.....and happy hours are only hours away, bmama.

*There is one exception. The Kanye song made me stop bobbin' in my head bobbin' tracks. It was so bad my neck was confused. Also, it does not flow nicely with the old stuff. His sound is too emo to blend with gfunk.
Neither does Wet. So that's 2 exceptions. whatever.
And Willie (Not Nelson) - as far as the RKelly song goes: Yeah, its RKelly & a stupid song but the beat is pretty bangin'.
ALSO: I dare you to listen to any Snoop Dogg song while looking at this face and fail to understand why his name is Snoop.

BadA$$ 4Life.
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