Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Monday - The Other Guys

Happy Monday.

I didn't watch any movies over the weekend since we were at the beach, so today I'm serving up some Netflix streaming goodness.

The opening scene with Sam Jackson & The Rock is effing funny....ridiculous....but funny.

Will Ferrell is a genius.
To be able to play both the straight man and the funny man at the same time??? Effing brilliant.
Mark Wahlberg is funny in this too. He plays angry funny really well. Like in The Departed. His scenes with Alec Baldwin in that flick made me el oh el.
Its also nice to see Michael Keaton again. Been a while.

Cheers to using Foo Fighter's "Hero" in the best scene of the whole movie which was about 15mins in. I laughed so friggin' hard no sound came out.
The silent fight also caused the same reaction but more so because I was trying to be quiet too.

The only part that pissed me off was when Marky Mark & Eva Mendes call Will Ferrell "sugarballs"...cuz that's what I call Matthew.* Shoulda trademarked that shit.

Another Cheers for using White Stripes "Icky Thump" for the conference room shootout scene.

And a standing ovation for the lesson in ponzi schemes, bail outs, & CEO salaries which was accompanied by charts & graphs while Rage Against the Machine's "Maggie's Farm" played during the end credits.

There's a cute little bonus scene at the end, too.

I give The Other Guys 4 out of 5 wooden guns.

*Matthew, don't be mad. I'll make it up to you with 3 minutes put back in the bank. ;)
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