Thursday, November 3, 2011

Y U No Post?!

Because I've been friggin' busy.

I'll get caught up soon, don't you worry your pretty little faces about that.

I've also been creatively paralyzed because there are too many ideas, no organization, and I have an attention deficit.
My mind is cluttered & needs to be cleared out.

I hope to have the following for you over the weekend:
New Orleans highlights
"May" update.
The rest of that stupid horror movie list you don't care about.
Big Phat Elephant Project confession.
Maybe a Paranormal Activity 3 review thrown in.
And maybe a sprinkling of Halloween photos.

So there.

Also, I did watch AHS last night and still love it.
And Bobby only cried once towards the end.
I contemplated doing a thought stream but couldn't be bothered to sit up straight to watch it.
I know atleast one of you isn't caught up, so I won't go into details/theories just yet.
Halloween Parts 1 & 2 were pretty damn cool & may need to be watched again.
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