Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Confession - Dollhouse of Horrors

When I was a kid, my grandfather made this dollhouse for me. (ignore that 2009 project list.  I have.)

Over the past couple years, I've been slowly acquiring pieces parts and other accessories for the Dollhouse of Horrors.
Other folks are helping & contributing, as well.  My cousin, Deb, sent me some vampire miniatures and my friend, Willie, gave me a book for making my own stuff.
This weekend, I got myself somewhat organized and have a plan mapped out for what I want to do in each room.
Here's what the main portion of the house interior looks like.

There are another 3 rooms just under the roof, on top of these 2 floors.
One of those 3 rooms (the one with no windows) will be a vampire room.
This weekend, I took one of these:

And made it look like this:

So that's where we are currently.
Woopiefreakin'doo, right?
When I really get things going....I'll do more regular updates and shit.
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