Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WTH Weds: AHS & The Yellow Wallpaper

Matthew's been listening to me for years, talkin' about The Yellow Wallpaper.
A story that stuck with me after a community college literature class I took in '99? I think.
The imagery Charlotte described was fascinating to me....all the "what ifs" you could derive from it.

It made me so insanely happy that it was referenced on this week's American Horror Story.

And I had two "I told you so" moments...

1. When Tate unzipped the rubber suit.

2. When they committed crazy ass Viv.

I feel good about going into a mid-season finale....
are they doing that like they are with Walking Dead?

They said 'next Wednesday on...." right?
Eh...I still feel good.

On a side note, its a little bit funny that when American Horror Story was done, Matthew flipped it from the dvr to a random skinemax flick called Life On Top.
Then changed it to Time Bandits after shouting, "midgets!" just as Life On Top was getting to the final pocketchange* shot.

*haha...get it?  pocketchange.  cuz softcore doesn't exactly have money shots.
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