Monday, June 20, 2011

Emmineffin' Monday

This was probably the most annoying Monday in the history of Mondays.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Post-kickass vacation Monday. Those ALWAYS suck.

2. Dumbass customers doing some dumbass things & of course, all of them think their issue is the end of the world and more important than everything else and everything is on fire. Just because something may or may not be an emergency for you, does not make it an emergency for me. Just sayin'. Also, if you bug me every 5 mins about said issue and/or start psycho calling me, you're only interrupting & delaying me from actually putting out this imaginary fire you've punted over to me. A GIRL HAS TO MANAGE HER TIME!!! Jeezus.

3. I got spoiled by not having my phone/laptop/etc. with me all weekend.
Unplugging is fuckin' wonderful. Normally on the weekends, I don't do much with my phone unless we're going out and meetin' up with friends. If we're at home chillin', the phone is not attached to my hip. You know why? Because I don't like being on the phone.
Between having been a teenage girl & spending a good chunk of my "corporate career" on the phone for a full 8-12 hr day.....I'm all tapped out.

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