Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTH Weds 9 - Blog War & Bananas

These are my friends in NY.
The Ink part of Broken Barn Industries, Ink - I've known 8 yrs now??
The Broken Barn Industries part (aka The Angry Gardener), I've not yet met in person, but she seems pretty groovy over the webbernets. Anyone who can throw some fun & good natured shit at me via blog is OK in my book.*
Its also fun when people play along. Unlike you turds who rarely comment.
Y'damn lurkers.
Broken Barn once said they love comments - and I've comment bombed them quite a bit since.


Anyways, this picture is for Broken Barn in (yet another) response to this post:

Suck it.

Yes, we have no bananas.
A couple years ago, we did....and we cut them down and tried to eat one but it was gross so we threw them away.
NOW we know that had we hung them to ripen for a little while, we would've had plenty for peanut butter/banana/honey smoothies.
Sometimes we're dummies....but usually only once with something.
Lesson learned.
Last year, we had a bloom but then there was a freeze and the bloom never blossomed any nanners.
Then the landscape guys came through and cut them all down.
That was earlier this year. Maybe 4 months ago?
That picture up there was taken yesterday.
If we get a bloom later this summer, I'll take pictures of it just for my NY friends...cuz they're fun & play along.

*if I had one & kept track of shit like that.
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