Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & Crap!!

Remember back when I used to post shit here all the time? were the days.
good times.

Remember when my hard drive went down and I lost our Boston pictures?
Turns out they were still on the memory card so.....YAY!!
Will get them posted somewhere soon.

Remember about a month ago I said that photos of our pieces for that Superhero/Villain show would be posted here the same day as the show?
Here they stop bugging me. gawh.
That's Harley Quinn, Catwoman, & Poison Ivy.

There was a nifty little write up in the Orlando Weekly (towards the bottom).

That was pretty cool. Tons o'fun.

Remember last week, when it was Christmas??
Here's what ours looked like:

And here's what I looked like on New Year's:

Awesome....Now that we're all caught up.
Happy 2011!!
I thought about doing one of those "Year In Review" things but that seems kinda stupid and redundant when all you need to do is go back and read everything posted this year....
duh. There's your review.

Holiday Season Movie Reviews-
Black Swan: Awesome.
Tron Legacy: Meh. Pretty to look at but yawn.
Rare Exports: Awesome.
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