Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cleanin' Out My Guts

I've decided to do a cleanse/detox program.
It looks like this:

That's 24 days worth of flush.
Rebooting my system.
Getting super serious about there being less of me.

Days 1-10 include eating only fish, veg, & some fruits - along with the fiber drink in the morning & energy drink mixes. Oatmeal & brown rice if I absolutely need it.
During these 10 days there will be no breads, dairy, alcohol, fried golden deliciousness, red meat, chicken, soda, or caffeine.

Days 11-24 include meal replacement shakes - along with what I'm allowed to eat the first 10 days...and planning to also bring chicken back into play (suggested as a secondary option during the 1st 10 days - fish apparently cleans you out better).

I'm going to be super strict on myself for this thing, so saying "no." & "I can't" will be said a lot.
That part kinda sucks, but its something that needs to be done if its going to be done right.

Getting some of my favorite things in this week & this weekend (Highland Games aka ScotFest) while I can because I'm hoping to extend the change in my eating habits to go beyond just the 24days and keep it going to reach some personal goals.
This is a jumpstart.
I've done really well at the gym over the past couple of weeks - getting in there on an almost daily basis & going for walks/runs around the 'hood when/if the gym gets passed up for whatever reason.
But my eating habits really need to change and now that the holidays are over and the junk food is pretty much cleared out of the house, I figured this would be the best way to acquire new & better habits & hopefully continue them throughout the rest of the year.

Day 1 begins Monday, January 17th, 2011.

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