Monday, January 3, 2011

2011-After Some Thinking

So we're a few days into the new year and I've been doing some more thinking about what I hope to get out of 2011.

More ART!!
Less ME!!
Less TV!!

Holy crap that rhymed.

So of course I want to create more. That's a default setting.
I'm proud of everything accomplished in 2010, but I have a couple paintings to finish up and plans for more fun things that have been on the books that need to be cranked out.
Would also like to attend more art events and visits to the Enzian (easy with new membership) & Maitland Art Center.

Go to the gym more & watch what I eat. Also a default setting.
I've put on like 10lbs over the holidays. Everyone tends to but DAMN I've really noticed it this year. The fact that I haven't been to the gym since before we went to Boston doesn't help matters. This will change.

Get up and do more.
We can lump "travel" in here too. We have a few trips that we're considering and trying to plan for the year.
Aside from that, there are so many times where I'm completely stuck (comfy) at home. Whether its movie nights, video game marathons, or when I'm working from home.....
I need NOT to be on the couch so much.
So, I'll drag my 10lb heavier ass to the office more often & be sure to get to the gym on a more regular basis.
I will take better care of myself and stop being lazy around the house.

This also includes watching less tv.
We watch a lot. Even when we don't mean to.
We love a handful of tv shows, and Sundays are chock full of football.
This will change (for the Sunday part, that'll happen post Superbowl) during the week for sure.

That's it, really.
I think.
Maybe drink less during the week.
OH!...Less family drama. That's always good but you can't really count on that, can ya?
That shit just sort of happens on its own.
But the rest we can control.
And we will.
Oh yes.....we will.
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