Saturday, February 13, 2010

Those 3 Little Words

So tomorrow is Valentime's Day (makes me laugh when I hear it pronounced that way)...

I was recently going through some old photos and was reminded of an old beau I had preMatt.
We'll call him *Mike.

We'd been dating for a while (5+ months) - quite comfortably, I might add. And by "comfortably", I mean he took me to meet his parents first.
And after taking him to meet mine and having a pretty awesome day, on the drive back to my place, I'd gathered the balls (shut up, I was 20) to say Those Three Little Words.

"Man, I'm just gonna say it.....I Love You."
................(not-so-dramatic-but-more-of-an-awkward pause).............
"awwwww, thank you", Mike replied.

That was the most ridiculous 45 min. drive home EVER.

Needless to say, we broke up shortly after that and I was completely heartbroken.

After that, my Valentime's Day tradition was to stay home and watch Hellraiser movies, usually by myself. This made me happy.

It was when Matt came into my life that Valentime's Day turned into something without so much blood & guts. We don't do anything big, sometimes we'll go out to dinner but no chocolates, no flowers, no fake romance, no porn viewings equipped with a tarp and tubs of lube purchased from Costco (although, that sounds like a really good idea....).

We both figure, if you're married to your BFF and you really truly love them no matter what, everyday should be sort of like Valentime's Day. You should be sweet all (most of) the time and not taking that person for granted. Notice and appreciate the little things you do for each other every day (or atleast once a week). Break that tarp and tub o'lube out when the mood strikes....Not just one day a year.

Stupid Hallmark holidays piss me off.

What's YOUR favorite (or least favorite) VDay memory??

*names only slightly** changed to protect whatever identity they might have at this time.

**not really
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