Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Grand Birthday Celebration with Elvis

My father-in-law's 70th birthday event was this past Saturday. Considering that he's the oldest living man on that side of the family, with most of the previous men kicking the bucket in their 60s, 70 is a pretty big milestone.

Plus, my father-in-law loves the attention.

So, Friday afternoon, we jetted out for a 6:30pm flight which was delayed until about 8:30pm with a stop in Atlanta.

Since the Atlanta airport has never experienced snow before, they were only operating on one runway.

Which left us sitting on our connecting flight for about 3 or 4 hours before we were finally able to take off. (did you know that 'de-icing' is just another term for 'hosing off'??- being a florida girl, I'm not aware of these snowywinterweather words)

Which put us getting to the In-Law's house at about 4a.m.


So we got about 5hrs of sleep, did party set up stuff, (napped) and got ready for the grand event which went off without any snags.

It really was a great party. About 100 people there along with an Elvis Impersonator who was really quite good (not being big Elvis fans and even smaller Elvis Impersonator fans, Matt & I were dubious as to how that part of the night's entertainment would go).

It was super fun and we got great pictures and some video to put something together for everyone to remember it by.

Then Sunday we hung out and had breakfast with the fam, packed up and were on our way home.

A Valentime's Day spent on an airplane for about 5 hrs.

We got home by about 10pm, ate chinese, and played video games until we fell asleep.

What could be better??

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