Friday, February 19, 2010

Cow Farts

So a while maybe a good 5 yrs ago....I wrote something (on a friend's website) about cow farts and it's relation to global warming/the deterioration of the atmosphere.

Methane gas contributes to a big chunk of the crap that creates holes or whatever in the atmosphere.
You know - whatever those crazy ass liberal scientists are talkin' about via that dopey Al Gore puppet pulpit.

Anyway - My idea was to create a bubble to encompass cow farms (for McDonalds & Burger King beef) to filter and farm out the cowfartgas and use it for energy/power.

Bubble farming.

See? Solution to the problem.
Creating jobs AND maintaining those already there....
and it also works for those who love fast food and cheap filler beef and it still gives something for the vegetarians to hate....or loathe....


or whatever.
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