Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Great Kinoki Footpad Experiment of 2008

This is Day 1.
This is Day 2.

The other night we went to Walgreens and they had a huge pile of Kinoki foot pads. After seeing the commercials a few times I was curious. The front of the box says, "Includes 14 pads!!" in one spot and in another, "A 2 Week Supply!!!". If you have 2 feet - wouldn't 14 pads be a one week supply?? When you put'em on, there's a warm tingly sensation. Its kinda cool. And I've been sleeping really really well the past 2 nights. And after I took them off yesterday a.m., I went to have a cig with my coffee and felt like shit immediately afterwards - to the point where I don't want another cig.
Kinda interesting. We shall see how long it takes my toxic body to unload through the soles of my feet. I wonder if I had bigger feet - would it funnel through faster? Maybe if I double up on Kinokis, we can speed up the process. But that would cut down my fake 2 week supply.
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