Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rise of Nightmares - ugh

Remember when I was excited about this game?
I signed up to gamefly a few months back and this was the first one I wanted to check out.
First time I played through the tutorial and opening bit until the charater's train crashed.  Which is probably a good 10mins of game play, figuring out movements and watching little cutscenes.
Then I had to go somewhere, so I shut it off because at the beginning it says the game autosaves and provides no 'save' in the options menus.
Stupid me.
So, the next time I pick it up, I have to do the opening 10mins again.  Which has been cut down to about 6 since I've done it before but still wait through cut scenes.
I get to the train crash again and have to run in place across the top of a train car.
--Shit...I'm wearing the wrong bra and shoes for this, so I throw some gym gear on.--
Then another 4mins spent trying to figure out how the game tracks my running, with dying a few times, and a little frustration.
Then 3 mins in a cave scene, a swimming scene where you flail your arms like you're swimming, and a buncha minutes just walking and looking around.
And then I had to go off and do something else again.
So that 2nd Round of game play was maybe 15mins (minus the time it took to change clothes).
This time, I knew that when I went back to it, and because THERE'S NO FREAKIN' SAVE!!, I'd hafta do the opening crap ALL over again which would be 15mins just to get up to something new and... just....SOMETHING.

Weeks go by, and the other night I picked it up through the opening crap and all the way to the graveyard....
20 or so minutes of gameplay.  With the right shoes & bra on.
I paused it and ran upstairs to look up how to save that shit.
Cuz I had to go again.
Yahoo Answers helped me out a bit.
Not really.
It was mostly just people pissed off about the same thing.

So, because I had to go, I ended up just keeping it paused and upon my return home,
played for another 20mins, got to Act III, yelled multiple curse words when I kept dying, and was getting tired (even the xbox was asking me if I needed to take a break).
So I shut that shit off, threw it back into the mailing sleeve, slammed it in the mailbox, and stomped off to bed.

The End.
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