Monday, June 18, 2012

The Fat Saga Sabotage

"At the end of two weeks, you can have a day to eat whatever you want...", Trainer Brian said.
Something about spiking levels.
So, over the weekend, we went to Publix for subs.
Turkey on wheat.
It felt funny to watch while the dude was making it....even funnier just saying it...."wheat".
It tasted good & sanguichy...but it wasn't a grassfed ribeye with shrooms and onions from the cast iron with a side of asparagus.

I have seen The Devil and it's name is Bread.

On Friday, I was down the 2lbs I needed for the week.
After Saturday's sub fest followed by a few thin-crust meaty Papa John's slices, those 2lbs were back to party and they brought a friend.

All this garbage about having a "cheat day" and "don't deny yourself anything" is a load of horseshit.
Those are the things that got me in this fat mess to begin with.

So, fuck you, cheat day.

I was in the gym 5 days but 0lbs lost in week two because I was busy burnin' off that stupid ass cheat food. On a positive note, I'm glad to have gone through this and that my body reacted the way it did.  Further reinforces my determination.
Which is good, since we're looking at week 3 and that's usually where I fall off the wagon & lose focus.
Pretty sure that That Thing that clicks when you want something to happen that you have control over has finally clicked for me again this time.
I must say, it's nice to have it back on again after so many years.
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