Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Confession - Internal Battle

I haven't been posting on here much recently.
My attentions and creative inspirations are currently focused elsewhere.
Getting ready for Christmas and trying to get the rest of the Craft It Forwards done before the year ends.
I just haven't had too much to say here.

I will admit that I'm in a constant internal battle with the things that I would really like to write here but haven't because it puts too much out there.
Things that would open me up & make me vulnerable.
Also, I think some of the ideas I've had for things to post kinda make me sound like an emo ass.

Here's an example:

A while back I posted a crappy photo of a piece that took me about 2 yrs to finish.
BBI & my friend, Martha, asked some questions about it and I was going to do a little diddy explaining the whole thing, but then realized that it was turning into somewhat of a therapy session.

How much of that type of shit do I really want to put out there?

I'm just not sure of how real to keep this or what you'd all care to hear.
Maybe I need to go back to just keeping up with this blog as something for myself instead of considering you turds all the time.

Most days it feels like no one's reading this anyway.
I mean, seriously.....The top 2 most hit Brainure posts are:

1. How To Make A Pillory (or Stockade)
2. For The Person Who Has Everything But Can't Breed

If that tells you anything.

So why do I blog?
Because I enjoy sharing things with you & hope that you also enjoy these little peeks into my noggin.
It makes me happy that I can bring my friends with me on vacations & crap via my phone, laptop, or ipad.  Its like you turds are with me all the time, no matter what part of the country/world we are.
Also, I figure when I'm a million years old, alone, and senile, I can look back on these with fond memories.

Blarf....I'm over-thinking again, aren't I?
I should just keep in mind the name of this thing and post everything that goes though my head with wreckless abandon.
Its not like I'll be running for president someday.
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