Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As Typed on iPad at Dulles on 2/21

I totally forgot this was on here.
Easier than trying to fit my writing into the lines on penultimate.

Sitting at the Dulles airport, at Max & Erma's. Just finished my chicken & 1st beer...listening to other people on their phones & conversations with each other.
There's a girl sitting at the corner of the bar who (just left) reminded me of Melissa. Same voice & laugh....similar in the face but had big brunette hair.
Still about 45 mins til my flight starts boarding.
This woman next to me is talking to family about her dinner & pie crust recipes.
The English blokes just left.
Apparently one of them had a bum knee & a lovely chat with a chap at some loud party. He also said something about the maybe he worked there.
There was a couple earlier that was sitting where the pie crust lady is sitting now. She had face piercings & was in a very animated conversation about child support with her travel companion guy who just kept nodding & saying, "yeah" and "I know". As they left, I silently wished him luck.
At the same time and sitting at the table between us, another couple of older Ft Lauderdale women kept talking about cutting hair (the profession of) & took cell phone pics of each other.
Now the bartender is giving folks the wrong drinks & talking about how he's going senile.

It's weird being in an airport without Matt.
Been so long since I had to travel for work, forgot what this was like.
Now about 30 mins til boarding.

We had a great trip here in DC.
Met some folks & a great bartender at a joint called Rumors the first night we got in. Danced our asses off. The next day we would wonder if we actually took over the dance floor because we were so badass or if we just scared everyone off. Except that old black dude we were dancin' next to, mimicking his moves.
Afterwards got McDonalds crap & drunkenly stumbled back to the room to happily eat our crappy food only to pass out a little while later & sleep in til 10 the next morning.
Upon waking, showering, & getting ready for the day....we ventured off to find some monuments & grub. We walked down Pennsylvania Ave to the White House & grabbed a pretzel & coke from some Chinese roach coach folks after stopping to gawk at the crowd protesting Qaddafi in front of Barry O's hizzy. We walked toward the Washington monument. There were kite flyers was a blustery clear blue sky day. Perfect for kite flying.
Walked through the WWII monument to the Vietnam wall & onto the Lincoln memorial.
Grabbed a cab after who dropped us off at Harry's, said to be a local spot (if only for the fact that it was open late & had beer & crappy food). Their high top chairs were really uncomfortable so we didn't stay very long after eating giant sammiches & enjoying a pitcher.
Grabbed another cab shortly after leaving.
This cabbie told us how lucky we were & said Matt looked like a Muslim & regaled us with tales of religion & his family. Was the chattiest cabbie we had, but totally cool.
Got back to the hotel & took an epic nap.
When we woke up, I tried to get us to Georgetown to stop by Commander Salammander (cuz Thomas told us to). We ended up walking an hour in the wrong direction before grabbing yet another cab who took us to where we wanted to go only to find the damn store out of business. We walked a little ways through the Mall of Millenia type of shops & found a spot to have dinner. It was loud & crowded & I don't remember the name of it. The NBA allstar contest was on so we watched that & ate & people watched. Then this DJ set up this badass table full of tech toys & flashing lights....
And started his set with a stupid ass country song.
Not exactly what we were expecting.
Followed by High Stepper with a horrible transition to Safety Dance which bled into Sunday Bloody Sunday & the St. Elmo's Fire song.
He had NO idea what songs went together or how to transition.
He was the worst DJ ever.
He stood back there lookin' miserable with a grumpy face.
And apparently, I'm a DJ snob.
I stopped here and got on my flight.
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