Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Am A YouTube Nerd

I watch a lot of crap on youtube.
I also watch a lot of not crap on youtube.

We've all been aware of youtube and everyone's seen some retarded cat video or a baby doing something funny or a dude getting hit in the balls or a snippet of some Japanese game show.
But about 2 years ago (and I was late to the party), I stumbled across this video.
Which took me to one of this kid's videos.
Then I saw these guys doing their local commercials.
And then I found one of this fella's videos.
Then this kid popped up.
Which lead me to this girl and this girl (in a round about way).
Which took me to this guy.

And that's only a handful of my favorites.
I haven't even mentioned these guys or these folks or this guy or this guy or this girl.
And for my cousins - there's always this guy.

In a nutshell, it didn't take me long to discover a massive entertainment community all webbed together..... some really really talented people doing some really cool things with just a camera and editing software.
And right around the time I started paying attention, they were starting to make $ by doing this. By becoming youtube partners and getting paid by advertisers.
Now, a handful of these folks are making their living this way.
If you shop at Hot Topic, you're probably aware that they have a whole section dedicated to internet celebrities. Most are from youtube.
I watch more youtube than I do regular TV these days.

SO, now that I've outted myself and my love for these youtubers.....I also have to admit that I'm going to this on Saturday.

Do you see that friggin' line up!?!?
That's almost everyone I just mentioned as my favorites.
I'll be the oldest girl there wearing my wheezywaiter shirt and getting video of everything and buying more tshirts and saying hi to folks I've only watched on youtube for the past 2 or 3 yrs.

And I can't freakin' wait!!

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