Thursday, March 17, 2011

To The St. Patrick's Day Haters

Who the feck cares??

For as long as I remember, its always been about wearing green so you don't get pinched, leprechauns & pots of gold, shamrocks, and when I got older, BEER.

I don't care where it came from or why we celebrate it or that from 1903 to 1970 all the pubs in Ireland were closed on March 17th, or that it's based on the catholics wiping out the druids (most holidays as we know them today are based on that anyway).

I really don't even care that it's a "holiday".
If we don't have off from work, it ain't a real holiday.

You know what I did last Thursday?
I probably wore something green to work and watched a dumb movie and went out to drink somewhere.
You know what I'm doing tonight?
I'm wearing green and going to see a dumb movie and going out to drink somewhere.

NOT that big o'deal.

And you can't try to call me out for hating on Columbus Day but not St. Patrick's Day.
People don't wear a color for Columbus Day. They don't have big parades or dye bodies of water that run through cities a certain color (though, if they did, it would most certainly have to be red). There's no drinking songs. There's no drinking. There's no fun.

On St. Patrick's Day, I'm not pretending I'm Irish.
I'm wearing a green shirt and going out for a few pints.
On St. Patrick's Day, I'm not dishonoring ancient religions.
I'm listening to bagpipes and continuing my recent obsession with Liam Neeson's facial profile.

So, if I ask you to go out on March 17th, I don't want to hear how it's a dumb celebration or how it's amateur night or that you don't want to because you're not Irish.
I want to hear, "FECK YES" because you want to hang out with feckin' good company and have a feckin' good time.
Just like how it should be any other day of the week......month.....year.

ps. it has taken me an extra 15-20mins to post this just because I keep staring at Liam's face up there....
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