Friday, February 18, 2011

Real Quick

Holy crap - the other day I realized I hadn't posted any pictures of our Boston trip in November. Shame on me.
Exception of the ones posted to the book of face while we were there.

We're headed to Washington, DC this weekend, so next week there will be tons of lovely city picture candies posted for your viewing pleasure.
Are you excited!?!?


Remember back when I cleaned & reorganized my lair?
Remember when I said there'd be an after photo?
Maybe I'll do that too....but while I was going through some of my crap, I found some old school papers and shit that would be fun to post.
So there's that.

OH!! Cleanse & shit update: I'm down 8lbs and feel really good and sleep a lot better and have better workouts and the eating habits are WAY better and I keep track of everything consumed and my pants fit again.
So there's that, too.
I might do it again in a couple o'months. Maybe mid-April.

I think that's all for now.
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