Monday, May 10, 2010


Completely unacceptable.

So we're flippin' through the channels and RuPaul's Drag Race is on and we stop for a minute cuz I love drag and the show is super entertaining and even Henry Rollins has been a judge.
Slight coincidence that today I'd also been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube by Petrilude who does some really cool stuff like this and this.
So we're watching it and RuPaul and all the ladyboys are beautiful and fab-U-lous and then we see this......


While I can appreciate a good mustache, that dirt lip shit ain't cute on RuPaul.
Uh uh. Not cute.
RuPaul is beautiful.
RuPaul does not have a mustache.
A mustache confuses me.

On a side note...
You know how I was bitching that my home office turns into an easy bake oven just before sunset?
Here's a picture of my current ghetto curtain (made out of a sheet of newsprint).....

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