Friday, May 7, 2010

Shadows & Light

We used to have this big ass oak tree that shaded my home office and filtered out some of the light as the sun starts to set. They tore that tree down because the root system was damaging our neighbor's foundation and had been tearing up pieces of the parking lot.
So now, from the hours of 5pm to about 7ishpm, my office is an easy-bake oven.

Being a dork, I started playing with my face (haha, my face), shadows, and iphoto adjustments and crap. (shut up, I was bored, home alone, and trying to decide what painting I wanted to work on.)

What I learned from this is..... DAMN!! I need to get my eyebrows done.
The shadows gave me some cool makeup ideas too, though not sure where I'd ever be able to wear it.... except HERE:

And we're going to check this out tonight, too.
Matt just finished reading the book and we keep hearing all the buzz....

Hope you enjoy your Friday night!!
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