Friday, May 14, 2010


So, this blog is just about me, really. Crap I do, crap I'm into, crap that happens around me.....just mostly crap, right?
Its an outlet for some of the stupid shit I think about or conversations that spark something or just when I'm bored.
Its like a journal.

I'm subscribed to a lot of blogs and they're all so neat and streamlined and focused on one topic or theme and only posting about that.

Which do you prefer??

Focused and neat?
A smattering of crap?

*************************************(this means time has passed)

When I first started thinking about/writing this particular post, I was like, "Man, I really need to focus on something so this blog isn't so all over the place."
but now, I'm like, "Fuck that shit - this is about what I wanna post."

And holy crap, 1 week from right now, I'll be uncomfortably cramped on an airplane for 8.5 hrs headed to Amsterdam!!
OMG - I'm so excited!!

And in other news, these gym sessions with Brian have gotten a little more interesting.
You know how on Celebrity Fit Club they do weekly weight loss goals?
I told Brian about that and he jokingly said, "OK, lose 1.2lbs", so I weighed that day and then again the next morning and came in and said, "How's 1.4?? BOOYAH!!" But I didn't really say BOOYAH!! So I think that having a number to focus on will help.
He told me to be down another lb by our next session - which is tricky since it's after the weekend and weekends are killers. Hopefully I can figure out a way to be down by 2!!
Lots of fiber and big dumps. And no beer.
Stupid ADD.
Its not like I'm pissed off and not getting results (like before). I'm a fuckin' brick house but it would be nice to lean out some. Just need to stay focused and not be tempted by beer.
I AM happy to say that I'm down a jean size. Dumpy jeans are not cute on your ass. I have 2 pair now that can be removed without unbuttoning or unzipping. That's always a good sign.

What are you guys doing this weekend?
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