Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy Week of WrapUps

Here's my to-do list for the week and what I've accomplished so far:

  1. Clean Fish tank
  2. Vacuum --DONE
  3. Bathrooms --DONE
  4. Finish Laundry --ALMOST DONE
  5. Clean out my car....meh, this one can wait til after we get back.
  6. Fix Toilet --DONE
  7. Pack
  8. Power Adapter
  9. Drop off books for Chrystal
  10. Print Airline tix
  11. Line up ride to airport --DONE
  12. Cat-sitter
  13. Eat up all perishables in fridge. --ALMOST DONE
I'm trying to get all of this done before we leave for Amsterdam on Friday and get all my work stuff wrapped up, too.
Mom offered to come over and clean (she says, "I know its not your thing.") while we were gone which is super nice but without having done some of what I did, it would've been slightly embarrassing and too much for her to do. I've left all the dusting for her and am leaving little notes written in said dust on the end tables and stuff so it'll be fun at the same time!!

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