Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Phrase Coined

So we were out running a bunch of errands (goodwill clothing drop, grocery bag recycling, old video game trade-in) and while at one of the shopping plazas that was designed especially for two of those stops, I said, "Hey, you wanna stop at Pretzels for a beer (or 2 or 3) and pretend we're on vacation?"
So we did.
At first I called it a pretendcation. Pretending to be on vacation.
Until Matt called it a facation (fake-ation).
So we had a beer and on the tv was a world series game from 1991 (Braves/Twins) and this fellow sitting next to us (Jack) started chatting us up about baseballs, footballs, and then he brought up Jimmy Kimmel.
He referenced this, and says, "That guy was really mad." and I says, "Well, he IS an actor." and Jack says, "I used to be an actor...and I know when someone like Matt Damon is acting." And he says that Kimmel kept bumping him from the show because Matt Damon was boning his ex-girlfriend. And I was like, "I thought he and Sarah Silverman were still together....?" and Jack says, "Kimmel is MARRIED!" and I was like, "No, he dumped his wife for Silverman..." and he took a step back, so we started talking about this....followed up by this.

Still funny.

Then we traded politics talk, briefly....cuz then we had to go to Lowe's and get the rest of the stuff we needed for the 2009 Redneck Bomb taking place next weekend.

So, on your next chore-day Saturday, go out, run some errands, and in the middle of the errand running, stop at your local cold, dark, smokey bar and have a facation.
Who knows, maybe your cousin might be working there on the lunch shift. :)
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