Saturday, August 8, 2009


It used to be that as soon as the vacuum cleaner came rolling out, both cats, Snoop and Turk, would go tearing upstairs to hide.

This morning, after vacuuming the upstairs first and making my way downstairs, both cats were still sprawled out on the only rug we have located in our living room.
Not budging.
After vacuuming the hallway, kitchen, and dining room - the living room was next.
Turk took off upstairs. Coward.
Snoop remained, holding his ground and staring at the yellow Dyson monster. He would not be defeated.

Yeah, so now I have to pick up the cat and put him on the couch, so I can vacuum the rug.

From his perch, the mighty and fearless Snoop keeps a close (or closed) eye on the Dyson monster moving back and forth sucking up all filth that lies before it, leaving nothing but cleanliness in it's wake.

Wonder if next time I'll be able to vacuum around him.
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