Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alaska & Other Nonsense

I was going to write out a whole bunch of stuff about our recent trip to Alaska, but it was getting too long and I figured it would be a waste of time since I've already told both my readers about it. The picture slideshow on the right hand side should be enough. Pictures say 1,000 words, right?, and it won't give me carpal tunnel in the process.
If you want to know more, feel free to drop me a note and ask.

Also, Jennifer Sims contacted me on here while we were on our vacation and I still need to call her and catch up. Jennifer used to be my old room mate and we run into each other on the interwebs from time to time. I think its 6 yrs at least since we've seen each other? I was about to say that I'd lost her number but then remembered it was a posted comment she left on here. Duh.

Started with a trainer a couple weeks ago, so now I'm sore every day, but at least it feels like I'm doing something. Before I was just sweating, so I just felt....sweaty. Didn't feel quite as productive. Brian, my trainer, calls me SheHulk and keeps (joking - please please let it be a joke) about getting me trained & ready for a competition. HA! That kid's so funny.

My cat, Snoop, has taken to sleeping next to me like he's a person. He puts his head on my pillow and sometimes, if I'm facing him while sleeping, he'll push on my nose like he's buzzing in on a game show. Maybe he's trying to kill me.
I've recently taken to pushing him off the bed. Usually because he's just sneezed in my face or because the fuzzy man sammich is getting too warm and Matt wouldn't appreciate it if I pushed him out of bed.

Matt & I were over at the pool last weekend and since my skin is so fair, and I tend to blow up in the sunlight, I lounged under the umbrella and read. Since I was under a shady cover, putting sunscreen on didn't really enter my mind. The pool deck got resurfaced about 3 months ago and its white. Blazing white. Which reflects sunlight. So the shady umbrella did absolutely nothing to keep me safe from the evil sun and I got burned on one side of my body. I'm so white, I get sunburnt in the shade.
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