Monday, August 4, 2008

Airport People

On my way to Philadelphia (again) for work stuff and I missed my 5:00pm flight and ended up getting another that left at 7:00pm. So I head over to the terminal and belly up to the new fancy black quartz bar and miss the line up of beer they had sitting over the wine taps. Yes, I said wine taps. No draft beer. I settle for Miller Lite in the bottle and stick my nose in "Cabal". I'm aware there's a woman eating Wendy's to my right and another fella has sat down on my left. I glance up and he's wearing a white hanes t-shirt, a black blazer, a very long string of hippie beads and a big fat pair of diddy shades. He has one of those snooty "very important people" accents and asks for a Belvedere on the rocks, straight. Then changes his mind and says, "Actually, lets make that a Stoli, if you can believe with a splash of soda." Oh, buddy, I can certainly believe it. And what's wrong with Stoli?? We learn that the company that brews Stella Artios bought out Budweiser. He makes a joke about the economy. Then he tells the bartender that he owns an "ultra lounge" in LA. What the hell is an ultra lounge? He says he only sells Cristal for about $600-800 a bottle but buys it for about $150. His ultra lounge is called "Seven" (apparently a very common club name). His "girls" make about $1500 per table per night. He said his "thing" was that he'd rather buy a club than spend $3000/night to go to one. I gave him a cool point for admitting that "everything in/out of LA is bullshit". He keeps brag- I mean talking and then he says he's in town doing some consulting work for a client and lives above a cigar bar in Lk Mary and actually says "being in the action" when he's describing it. Lk Mary is hardly action and I seriously doubt anyone that does the amount of business this dude is braggin' about is going to say something like that about Lake Mary. He tells us about his $25,000 platinum phone that he bought used for $7500 that he says he keeps at home cuz he's afraid of losing it. His Blackberry gives him a look from the countertop in front of him and doesn't ring once the whole time he's sitting at the bar. As I pay my tab and gather my crap, he shakes my hand and tells me to "have a good trip, enter pet name here". I reply, "Maybe I'll see you in Lk Mary." He says, "I don't really blend in that well there."
He was right - EVERYTHING out of LA is bullshit.
Bet he didn't even get to fly first class like I did. :) Upgrading rules. So does free rum.
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