Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here are a few photos from last weekend's girls trip to Miami.

View from our room.

The girls wandering around below (I was stuck in the room talkin' to my boss).

View at sunset.

All the incriminating photos were posted on shutterfly and I can't get them out to post a few of them here.
So you'll have to go without or imagine them in your mind's eye.
Here are some ingredients to help you out with your Land of Miami MakeBelieve:

1. Hot shoes.
2. Hot dresses.
3. Spray tans.
4. Expensive drinks.
5. Waiting in line for club.
6. Sore feet.
7. Sweat.
8. Guy with a tiger head holding fireworks & bottles of liquor.
9. Hot dancers wearing very little with big feather headdresses.
10. Bottle of champagne on the beach.
11. Ice cream sammiches.
12. Cinnamon raisin bagels.
13. Sunshine.
14. Cheesy magazines.
15. Hot Cabana boys moving shade umbrellas and chairs.
16. Vodka
17. More hot outfits and shoes.
18. Fried goat cheese.
19. Blues band.
20. Hookah bar.
21. Dancing with no shoes on.
22. Laughter
23. Expensive drinks.
24. Mimosas
25. Stacked inflatable mattresses.
26. Harassing cab drivers.
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