Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mexico - 8.22.2010

We ate breakfast (mexican cereal y cafe con tequila) and went home.

While waiting in the Mexico airport, we grabbed a sammich that had expired the day before (we hadn't noticed until after purchasing).
"Tres Queso" the label said. I took one bite of it and it was gross but Matt put it in his bag & it traveled with us to Houston where they frowned upon us having it and we had to go through the homeland security line to be searched and whatnot.
For a damn nasty ass mexican cheese sammich.

Lesson learned. If something's gross, throw it away before entering the next country.

When we got home, we grabbed our bag and our ride to the parking site we go to where I get discounts because of working for Large Software Corporation.
Since my office badge doesn't have both my name and the company name on it, they'd told me previously the badge wouldn't work to validate discounts.
Because I'm too lazy and don't care enough to order them, I have no business cards either.
But what I do have is a 7in tall glass award etched with both my name and the company's name, so I presented that to the parking site girl to get my discount.
She laughed and read it over and gave the discount and said that was the oddest thing she's received as proof of employment.
I now keep this glass award (which probably weighs about 5lbs atleast) in my car as a weapon in case I get carjacked.
But who the hell would steal a PT Cruiser?
They'd probably have to be 55+ and out scammin' before their early bird specials at Piccadilly cafeteria.
With "this economy", you never know.

Mexico - Fin.
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