Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mexico - 8.21.2010

Saturday morning we were greeted with the lovely calming sound of Clint bangin' on our fuckin' door like he was a damn cop and saying, in his highpitched cackle voice, "WELCOME TO ATLANTIS!!"
Matt and I hopped outta bed like there was a robbery taking place and grabbed some robes.
Matt's didn't fit so he threw a towel on his lower half.
We stepped outside about to punch Clint in the throat for freakin' us out and saw what was causing such a ruckus.
Apparently, overnight there was a storm that both Matt & I slept through (no a/c, had the fan noise), that blew open the doors in Jess & Clint's room.....that ended up flooding out the sugarcane fields and the front yard of the hacienda.
It looked like this:
This might cause a problem with getting people OUT of the Hacienda and to the church so the bride & parents were working on a plan B.
The whole day, getting ready, looked a lot like this:

The girls getting ready.

The boys getting ready.

After a few hours, some sweating, and something called a paloma (which we just knew as "tequila & squirt"), everyone was ready to get to the church.
Inside, the church looked like this:

The ceremony was lovely and mostly in spanish and there were opera-like singers that blew the roof off the place. It also rained more.

After the ceremony, everyone moved from inside to the courtyard out front for pictures and hugs and twisted ankles (ahem, Tracy The Attention Getter). :)
Matt was then tricked into drinking grain alcohol which appeared from an unknown source. Matt blamed Clint for poisoning him and then everyone got in their respective rides...

me, Chrystal & Chad, and the entire family of the groom.
So we hung out against that wall and waited and I kept a look out for that pimped out white SUV.
About 30-45mins later we were rescued.
When we got back to the hacienda there was a magical 13pc mariachi band with epic pants on.
They looked like this:

After about an hour of appetizers and mariachis, they herded us into the tequila barn for the reception. Outside the main door was a table seating chart.
Instead of doing that, I went to look for Matt who was taking pictures of the bridal party at sunset.

Can't blame him for that.
We walked back to the barn and found our seats and the couple was announced and they danced and it was all happiness.

Then we ate some fantastic food & dessert.
Then there were fireworks:

Then we danced our asses off and drank pretty much everything that was handed to us and made duckfaces at whatever camera was pointed at us.

Here's our super model shoot:

For us, the night ended at about 1:30am and we drifted off to sleep to the sound of blown off leftover fireworks.*
*And Tracy got to see Matt's naked butt when she peeked into our window and we were running across the room to jump into the shower to cool us off and rinse off the dance sweat.
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