Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ode to Matt

Because of you I will always waggle my finger while searching for something I've lost.
Because of you I will have IBS.
Because of you I don't feel like I need to talk much.
Because of you the Fox Fanfare will play a little bit differently in my head whenever I hear it.
Because of you I find it amusing that we can explain the exact same thing in 2 completely different ways.
Because of you I stay in bed longer than I should cuz you're so fuzzy, warm, and comfy.
Because of you when I cook everything must be sprinkled so I can use sprinkle hands.
Because of you I know that I was taught to correctly spell the possessive form of words/names that already end in 's'.
Because of you I feel like I can conquer everything....including an entire bottle of jager.
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