Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Experiment??

This goes against my very nature, but I feel a vegetarian experiment coming on and wanted to see what sort of (if any) feedback I'd get before commencing.

I'm thinking of giving it a go - for a month atleast. Matt's done it before - a whole 6 months.

Meatless for a month.
There could be a good song in that.

And I'm feeling ok with it actually. I thought it might be more difficult. (she says one meal in. ate a vegetarian salad for dinner tonight....as a sample.)

licia can help me. When we were kids, my mom used to get so weirded out when licia came over for sleepovers cuz she'd get stumped for what to make for us for dinner so we'd always have fettucini alfredo. For some reason I also remember the taste of the canned fake chicken licia would have at her house.

I told Matt that we'd need to stock up on beans. heh. They're the musical fruit. He asked me if I'd atleast wait until after he was asleep before lettin'em rip. Atleast he'll have good blood pressure. DUTCH OVENS FOR HEALTH!!!

I will still eat eggs from time to time. And drink milk. Cuz, duh, what else do you have with a pbj??
I want to go to there.

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