Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Have you posted anything?"

Matt asked me that just a few minutes ago.
"What second?" was my reply.
I decided to take last Friday off - sort of last minute. Figured it was best to take a 4 day weekend before EOQ madness starts.
Woke up with muscle spasms in my neck - great. Ran some errands that I needed to get done and then decided to go to Aquatica over by Sea World. That place was awesome!! We went down a 2 person rider slide and I made Willie sit up front cuz he's bigger than me so we'd go faster. We almost died!!OK - maybe not almost. Willie says we almost died but he's a pussy. When I did my assflip off the tube, I felt my hat lift up off my head so I was lookin' around for it in the water while it was still on my noggin. dork.

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